Roulette Rules
The game consists of an interactive Roulette table (Fair-roulette) with neighbour bets, orphan and series 5/8 bets along with of a roulette cylinder that has 37 cells displayed from 0 to 36 in the classic French Roulette style.

The user can choose from the following tables with varying minimum and maximum bets:

Table 1 1 300
Table 2 2 500
Table 3 5 5000
Table 4 10 2000

Further information on the minimum/maximum bets allowed and their odds can be viewed by simply hovering your mouse over the maximum/minimum card on the table display once a Roulette table has been selected. Note that all bets will always be multiples of the minimum bet.
The most common stakes allowed on all the Roulette tables are as follows:

Plaine (Straight Up) 35:1 Dozen 2:1
Cheval (Split Bet) 17:1 Column 2:1
Carrè (Corner Bet) 8:1 Equal or Odd 1:1
Full Trasnsversal (Street Bet) 11:1 Manque o Passe (High/Low) 1:1
Carrè 3 numbers 11:1 Red or Black 1:1
Four Premiers 8:1 Next to Zero bets According to the number drawn
Transversal Simple (Line Bet) 5:1 Series 5/8 2:1
Les Orphelins According to the number drawn

You also have the option to bet on a number and its neighbours (using 5 chips). To bet on orphans, neighbours or series 5/8 you must bet 5, 9 or 6 respectively, or multiples of these numbers.

All information on the bets that are on the table is displayed by clicking on the roulette sign on the table.

In the event that the result is ‘0’, all even bets only lose half their stake.

In the single-player Roulette version, the user may view their stakes as well as their current results, in and out of play.

As the user determines the spin times, results can therefore vary from player to player. In the multiplayer and live versions, the player may access archives which store all of their results, as well as the available bet-list, in the same way as the single-player version.

This is where all the various game statistics and percentages can be found.

In the multiplayer version the system manages the spin times – there is a spin every 60 seconds: the user has 40 seconds to place their bet and confirm it. After 40 seconds no further bets are accepted and after 45 seconds the ball is released.

In ‘live’ roulette the croupier sets spin-times. The results are identical for all players currently playing. To avoid commonly known betting patterns, such as doubling up losing stakes (1,2,4,8,...) on even bets, on the 4th bet, the game will only allow bets for the maximum amount of the 3rd bet plus 50%.