Casino Affiliates - FAQs


Facts & Questions - Below are some important questions and their answers that most online affiliates ask. If you have more questions or concerns feel free to contact our support at
  • Q - How do I know which players are mine?

    A - Our system embeds a snippet of code in the browser and once a player comes to our site under your affiliate account whether by banner or text link, once they make a deposit the code is sent on to the affiliate tracking software, where your account is represented by that exclusive code. You will earn your affiliate commission for any revenue that player generates.
  • Q - What Happens if I earn no revenue and my figures end up in the negative at the end of any given month?

    A -We do not have a negative carry over policy but we will look into it on a case by case basis.
  • Q - Why LuckyVegas77?

    A - LuckyVegas77 Affiliates has a full array of gambling sites that are at your disposal. You will earn a commission for any or all of our programs that you promote with your own unique and secure player identification. You can earn as much as 35% commission on all your affiliated accounts and enjoy cutting edge reporting and technology. Our affiliate tools are state of the art and have the best security program to keep your details private and secure. You will have a one on one relationship with your own affiliate manager who will be assigned to your account once you’re registered with us!
  • Q - How do you calculate my commission?

    A - Each month we add your total gross gaming revenues generated by your players in the previous month. Administrative costs such as player bonuses, chargeback’s are then subtracted. The remaining sum is the net revenue for that month and we then determine what tier you are in and calculate your commission percentage for the month.
  • Q - When do I get paid my commission?

    A - Under normal circumstances we aim to pay our affiliates by the 7th working day of each month. Your payment date may vary from other affiliates according to the payment plan you have chosen. Checks for example will take more time depending on your location where as other payment options can be processed more quickly. In addition, the minimum payment for commission each month is 100 euros, if you don’t accrue at least 100 units for a given month all ‘positive’ amounts are carried over to the next month or until a time that you have accrued 100 units or more.
  • Q - Can affiliates from the USA join your program?

    A - Yes, but we do not accept US players. You are recommended to make this clear to your players on your websites in order to avoid experiencing disappointing conversions. It is recommended that if you have any international sites targeting the UK or European countries you should concentrate your marketing to these regions ahead of any others.
  • Q - Can I still become an affiliate if I don’t have a website?

    A - Yes, but please contact our affiliate team to discuss a personal plan before completing our application.
  • Q - Once registered how do I start promoting your affiliate programs?

    A - Go to our site and log in with your unique username and password, then click on our ‘Media Gallery’ section where you will find all our banners & text links for each program offered.
If you have any questions or concerns that were not answered in this section, feel free to contact our casino affiliate team, where our expert Affiliate Managers are available to offer assistance and respond to your queries. Please email or call us at +356 20608100 and request to speak to the LuckyVegas77 casino affiliate department.

Casino Affiliate Programme by clicking on the banner above or by clicking HERE to go to the page and fill out the simple contact form. Complete all the fields on the application, including your bank details, to ensure that commissions can be paid to you in a timely fashion each month.