Casino Affiliates - High commission Rates


The LuckyVegas77 affiliate program is one of the most competitive in the online gambling sector; our structure is sound and we operate with absolute integrity. We offer honest reporting and guaranteed on-time payouts. If you’re a seasoned casino affiliate and understand the benefits of an affiliate program that offers top-of–the-line reporting and easy-to-read tracking, the LuckyVegas77 Casino Affiliate program will be a breath of fresh air. If you are new to the online casino affiliate industry, LuckyVegas77 is a great place to start your adventure earning money as a casino affiliate.


Our commission is structured on your net revenue brought in by all players that sign up under your affiliate account with LuckyVegas77. The amounts are proportional and calculated on a monthly basis, which is based on the chart below.
0 to 9999 = a 25% commission
10,000 to 24,999 = a 30% commission
25,000 and above = a 35% commission

These commission percentages are offered on all referred players that you, as an affiliate of LuckyVegas77, will earn from. We also offer the option of earning a combined commission, which means that you can earn cash regardless of what, or how, your players are playing. Your affiliate account covers all our casino games including casino and poker, thus allowing you the potential to earn an income that can boost you upwards through the commission tiers. This will allow you to earn the highest possible commission in a very efficient and simple manner.

Casino Affiliate Programme by clicking on the banner above or by clicking HERE to go to the page and fill out the simple contact form. Complete all the fields on the application, including your bank details, to ensure that commissions can be paid to you in a timely fashion each month.