30 et 40 Rules
30/40 is one of the most intriguing European Casino games, yet it is not difficult to play – on the contrary it is surprisingly simple.
The game offers you four even-chance bets, in opposition to each other 2 by 2; Red/Black and Couleur/Inverse.
The cards are worth their nominal value, except for the picture cards (J, Q, K) which are worth 10 each.

The croupier deals two rows of cards: the Black and Red rows.
The croupier deals as many cards as needed for each row, so as to reach a total score between 31/40 points. Dealing stops when the scores are between these two amounts. The winning row is the one where that has a total score that is closest to 30 points.
(For example, if the Black row totals 33 points and the Red 36 – the Black row wins.)

Couleur and Inverse rules are set by the suit of the first card of the first row:
• If the first card is red (hearts or diamonds) and the Black row wins, then Inverse wins.
• If the first card is red and the Red row wins, then Couleur wins
• If the first card is black (spades or clubs) and the Black row wins, Couleur wins;
• If the first card is black and the Red row wins, Inverse wins.
Apart from even chances, the opportunity to bet on Aprés (same score) is available and paid 8:1, whilst bets on the exact Aprés are paid 39:1. To bet on Aprés it is necessary to bet first on any of the even-chance bets offered. When the total of any given row totals 31, all even chance bets lose half their stake.

The user can choose to play at the following tables with varying minimums and maximums:

Table 1 2 41
Table 2 5 102
Table 3 10 205
Table 4 20 410
Table 5 50 1020
Table 6 100 1550
Table 7 200 2100

To avoid commonly known betting patterns, such as doubling losing stakes (1, 2, 4, 8...) on even bets, on the 4th bet the system will only allow bets in the maximum amount of the 3rd bet plus 50%.

In the multiplayer and ‘live’ versions of the game, the user not only has the opportunity to consult the betting list as in other versions of the game, but will also have at their disposal a historic archive with all manner of useful statistics and records.

The drawing time in the multiplayer version will be managed by the system: the user will have 20 seconds to bet and confirm their bet, after another 5 seconds the drawing of the cards will take place; the total will be 40 seconds for every confirmed stake; if the betting is not confirmed the user will receive a non-confirmation notice.

In the live version of the game, the draw is managed by the Croupier.